Inner Beauty

Our esteemed client, Anna, the owner of Inner Beauty, holds an unwavering passion for skincare that goes beyond the ordinary. In her quest for an online platform that would genuinely reflect the elegance inherent to her business, Anna found inspiration in a beautiful wallpaper that encapsulated the very essence of her branding. Eager to enhance her digital presence with the inclusion of a shop and a seamlessly integrated booking system, Anna approached Styled Web, firmly convinced that a complete website rejuvenation was essential.

The aspiration was clear - to infuse Inner Beauty's website with a renewed appearance, enriched with the elegance that defines this brand. 

BESPOKE ELEGANCE: We embarked on the meticulous creation of an elegant, feminine, and custom WordPress website design. Each page was an intricate masterpiece, defined by bespoke layouts, parallax features, and the unique charm of Anna's cherished wallpaper background.

SEAMLESS USER EXPERIENCE: The addition of an integrated booking system and E-Commerce solution streamlined the visitor's experience. Clients could now seamlessly schedule appointments and acquire skincare products, with secure transactions facilitated through Stripe integration.


Petra, the owner of Pretty Boutique is passionate about making you feel confident all day, every day. Petra specializes in the realm of permanent cosmetics, eliminating the daily ritual of applying brows, eyeliner, or lipstick.

Our objective was succinct—to construct an online presence that served as a radiant showcase for Petra's profound expertise.

The result is a brand new, stylish, and brilliant web presence that exudes radiance and elegance in every detail. It is an exquisite testament to Petra's unwavering dedication and our commitment to delivering digital excellence.



I had the pleasure of working with Annette, the visionary behind Just Be, as she sought to establish an online presence for her burgeoning culinary enterprise. With a profound passion for crafting homemade baked goods, cheesecakes in jars, and delectable sandwiches, Annette operates a mobile food caravan that frequents Nelson's Farmer's Markets and outdoor events.

Annette holds a special place in my journey as my very first website client who believed in my capabilities when I was still in the early stages of my learning. Our goal was to transform her online presence, aligning it with the quality and artistry of her culinary creations. 

The result of our collaborative efforts is a website that mirrors the culinary excellence of Just Be. It serves as a testament to Annette's passion and craftsmanship while reflecting the proficiency and growth of my own abilities as a web designer. 


Elen, a dedicated content writer and editor in the realm of Arts, Culture, and Humanities, sought my expertise to cultivate a more professional online presence that harmonizes with her exceptional body of work. With a commitment to precision and grace in her craft, she aspired to have her digital identity mirror the same level of professionalism that underscores her creative pursuits.

Our mutual goal was to elevate the professionalism of her digital identity, aligning it with the precision and grace that characterizes her creative endeavors.

A Digital Identity of Distinction. The culmination of our collaboration yielded a digital identity that stands as a testament to Elen's exceptional work. It exudes professionalism and resonates with the same level of precision and grace that define her artistic contributions.



Karina, the visionary founder of Balancing Act, confronted a challenge. The very essence of her brand and website required a transformation—a metamorphosis that would elevate its appearance, infuse it with personality, and eloquently articulate the brand's fundamental principles, mission, and vision.

Our shared mission was unequivocal: to conceive and bring to life a fresh brand identity and website that not only exuded professionalism but also served as a vocal embodiment of the brand's principles. Our aim extended beyond mere aesthetics, as we endeavored to attract women in search of solace and connection, providing them with a nurturing retreat and a platform to engage with one another through insightful workshops.

Our collaborative efforts yielded a comprehensive brand and website overhaul—a magnificent transformation that redefined and eloquently communicated the brand's mission and values. The introduction of polished copy and the warm, welcoming tones of a carefully curated color palette imbued the website with a relaxed and friendly ambiance, while retaining an air of elegance and professionalism.



Rose Aitken, whose journey was marked by a quest for authenticity. Rose's existing brand didn't resonate with her core values and expertise, which led her to seek our assistance in her transformational endeavor.

Our mission was clear - to create a brand and website that genuinely reflected Rose's personality, values, and expertise. Rose desired a designer who could translate her vision into a visual narrative and provide a bespoke representation of her style and values.

The result is a beautifully crafted, custom brand and website that eloquently embodies Rose's essence. Rose's feedback is a testament to our ability to understand our clients deeply. Her branding beautifully conveys her intended message, and her website fulfills her vision.