Are you tired of struggling with website design and not knowing where to start? In this workshop, I will help you plan your site with ease using Canva. Register below for instant access.

Plan your Website Visually with Canva


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Website Planning Made Easy with Canva

Walk you through the #1 in your website checklist that you need to prepare

In this workshop, I will:

Show you how you can use Canva to design your website mockup before you build it

Help you choose the right photos that reflect your brand vibe and style

Guide you on what exactly to write on your website

Where to build your website based on your purpose and goals

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You also get a FREE Website Content Workbook

I'm a brand and website stylist passionate about helping female entrepreneurs get noticed online. I have worked with clients who didn't exactly know to prepare for their website launch. That's why I have created this workshop to help you plan your website content with ease and without the overwhelm and finally launch that website you have wanting to show the world to see. 

I am sooo happy you are here and I really hope this workshop will help you finish your website within a week.

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I'm Jephany Barut